K360 Bonded Surfacing

At Consolidated Driveways And Patios, we understand K360 Surfacing gravel and paving better than anyone. We design, manufacture and install our own systems using high quality UV-stable resins and a special blend of aggregates. The results are outstanding, with first class finishes and outstanding durability. Our expert team handles every aspect of your installation, giving you the reassurance you need throughout your project. Whether you’re a homeowner, a contractor or a specifier, our extensive experience of resin bound technology means your permeable surfaces will meet the highest standards.


K360 Surfacing uses a ‘coat and scatter system’ that involves coating an existing surface with K360 and then spraying crushed gravel on top. K360 can have a coarse or smooth surface dependant on your choice. It can also be pourous or non pourous depending on the base and the customers requirements
We use a K360 Bonded liquid tarmac and scatter the aggregate on top. The aggregate adheres to the liquid tarmac.

K360 Surfacing

K360 surfacing relies on mixing special aggregates together.
This mixture is then applied to your existing driveway surface or a new concrete base and is then smoothed over with a trowel, creating a nice even finish for your home exterior, perfect for vehicles and pedestrians alike.